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Our Story

We introduced the original Ozone home laundry system into the hunting World over four years ago when we released the eliminator, the very first Ozone home laundry system on the market that utilizes the power of Ozone to shred away dirt, grime and destroy owner causing bacteria leaving your clothes ultra-clean and virtually odor free without the use of hot water and little to no detergent. Over time, we discovered that the power of activated oxygen (Ozone) proved to be the perfect weapon for distrain odor causing bacteria in our hunting gear. With a better understanding about the science of Ozone we approach the leader in scent absorbing technology, SCENTLOK we believe that their advanced carbon technology which locks in odors and that our technology unlocks odors, we felt it was a perfect combination in odor control prevention. We decided to share our technology with them and it wasn't long before the decision was made to form a partnership with SCENTLOK and Transformed the eliminator into the SCENTLOK Activator.

SCENTLOK also understanding the science behind ozone and its owner removing capabilities, realize the huge potential in the partnering with SCENTLOK Activator. Although SCENTLOK still promotes washing their carbon clothing only went heavily soiled and using the dryer to reactivate the carbon, when washing is necessary to set lock activator is the perfect system to get clothing ultra-clean and virtually door free naturally. The activated oxygen Ozone helps to clean, sanitize and disinfect and with no detergent residue left in the fabric fibers for odor causing bacteria defeat, your clothing Will be softer, quieter and stay fresh longer. Additional studies revealed that ozone has helped to reactivate the activated carbon and SCENTLOK closing and that Ozone proved to be an none clogging carbon cleaning agent. They also realize that huge potential in using the SCENTLOK Activator for all clothing, towels and linens. Not only will your clothes come out softer and brighter than ever before, the huge cost savings and the thought of helping to keep our environment clean is the perfect reason why every household in the world should have won.

As more and more people experience the power of Ozone for all their laundry needs the demand grew for more innovative ways of utilizing this technology. To offer a more advanced system of Odor control we have included the SCENTLOK Activator on the go with the SCENTLOK Activator, a portable ozone generator that removes odors from your car, totes, duffel bags etc., offering the Hunter more sent control before, during and after their hunt. Then in 2014 we began researching different ways of creating a better performing Ozone home laundry system and other AutoZone related products to fit the public's demands. It couldn't have happened at a better time to announce the release of the second-generation SCENTLOK Activator. During that same period SCENTLOK  was also planning to release their new brand and new products of their own. During the spring of 2015 the new and improved SCENTLOK Activator was born.

The completely different design and new features greatly enhance the performance of the new SCENTLOK Activator, the design created a new look in the system that now will hook up to all makes and models of washing machines. There is no more concern regarding which style of washer you own. Some of the new features include a desiccant dryer that will enhance the operation of the unit and in auxiliary port was added for access to ozone infuse water for cleaning and disinfecting, just to name a few.

Although we began by offering these products to the hunter for the ultimate in order to control, we soon realize that these products were much bigger than that. They were perfect for the athlete, the outdoorsman and the entire family!

Customer Reviews

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Unbelievable product

I have to admit I was skeptical at first because it is hard to believe such a small compact unit would be so effective on everything I have used it on. I did my trucks, car, washing machine, teenagers room. And the best thing was my hockey gear wow!!!!!!! So impressed I don't have to leave it outside anymore wife can't believe it either. I will be using it on my gear and in my blind and so many more places.
Thanks guys!

Absolutely Amazing!

Portable and Convenient, I used the enforcer in my truck to see if it could get the smell of skunk out of it and it really worked! Now I take it with me where ever I go and the USB charger is an added bonus. Highly recommend - JL

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