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The Outdoorsman

Since before conservation and organizations to protect nature and areas of nature were implemented. Outdoorsman have been doing all things they have accomplished way before they came to be. Outdoorsman are the leaders in conservation and the protection of nature because that is where they LIKE TO BE and WANT TO BE!


An Outdoorsman comes from all walks of life. For a hunter the importance of odor control is essential in determining the success of their hunt. An angler may not be as concerned about their odor as they are about getting rid of the strong fishy smell and bacteria associated with their sport. For those who enjoy Mountain biking, Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Hiking etc. they are all considered outdoor athletes who experience the same issues regarding odor control as all athletes. And with outdoor activities comes being in contact with dirt, grime, bacteria, and odors. And like all athletes, the Outdoorsman’s health is also very important to them. Staying healthy is a part of their everyday life and so is ozone. And besides their health all Outdoorsman truly care about nature and the environment.

Ozone is Mother Nature’s cleaning and sanitizing agent. Each time you enter the great outdoors you’re experiencing the effects of ozone. It’s the pleasure of smelling clean, fresh air. It’s what keeps our Land, Air and Water fresh and clean, NATURALLY! Now you can experience Nature’s cleaning agents in the comfort of your home with our superior line of ozone products.

The SCENTLOK ACTIVATOR™ is the original home ozone laundry system that utilizes the power of ozone to leave your laundry ultra-clean and virtually odor-free NATURALLY! It seeks out and attacks organic compounds including dirt, grime, mud and blood, odor causing bacteria and viruses by shredding them away from the fabric. It has been scientifically proven that the SCENTLOK ACTIVATOR™ removes up to 99.96% of bacteria leaving your clothes sanitized and ultra-clean. And without the use of detergent your clothes will be softer on your skin and skin irritations will be greatly reduced for those with highly sensitive skin.

SCENTLOK ENFORCER™ is the effective solution to help assist you in managing unwanted odors! SCENTLOK ENFORCER™ quiet fan produces the correct amount of ozone, which seeks out and destroys odor molecules and bacteria that gets in it’s path. Recommended for use in enclosed areas such as totes, vehicles, hockey/gear/sporting equipment, tents, closets, bedrooms, lockers, and much more. UNLEASH the SCENTLOK ENFORCER™ for all of your odor control needs. The personal ozone generator is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, is re-chargeable with up to 8-hours of battery life, and can go anywhere you go. 1-hour and 3-hour operating mode allows you to apply the right amount of ozone depending on the severity of odors. And as an additional feature, the SCENTLOK ENFORCER™ serves as a power bank for charging Smart Phones and I-Pads.

By utilizing the ultimate in ozone technology you will feel proud that you are doing your part in saving energy, protecting the environment and living a healthier lifestyle. STOP wasting time, money and energy.

Customer Reviews

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Unbelievable product

I have to admit I was skeptical at first because it is hard to believe such a small compact unit would be so effective on everything I have used it on. I did my trucks, car, washing machine, teenagers room. And the best thing was my hockey gear wow!!!!!!! So impressed I don't have to leave it outside anymore wife can't believe it either. I will be using it on my gear and in my blind and so many more places.
Thanks guys!

Absolutely Amazing!

Portable and Convenient, I used the enforcer in my truck to see if it could get the smell of skunk out of it and it really worked! Now I take it with me where ever I go and the USB charger is an added bonus. Highly recommend - JL

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